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The seed for Snowy Mountains Babysitting was planted in 2014 when Beth, a local mum and teacher, struggled to find occasional care for her own family when living in Perisher. The business was officially established in 2015 and very soon after, due to high demand for premium care in Perisher alone, other staff were soon employed to assist.

Excitingly, as bookings increased across the wider area (Jindabyne, Crackenback and Thredbo), Snowy Mountains Babysitting expanded to cover the Snowy Mountains region in 2017. Beth now manages a team of staff, some are full time for the winter period. All carers are trusted, valued and competent members of the team. At a minimum, all carers are required to have current First Aid qualifications and Working With Children Checks through CCYP. They are all reference checked, have plenty of experience and/or qualifications in childcare and some are also mums themselves.

What other qualities do we foster in our staff? We desire for our staff to be responsible, kind, caring, open-minded, be able to set healthy boundaries, be fun, creative and energetic! We have found that babies and children respond well to all of these qualities.

We’ll do our best to create a one of a kind experience for your family.

Our Services

Engaged, happy and content children

We’re the babysitting agency you’ve been looking for! Snowy Mountains Babysitting connects families with quality carers throughout the Snowy Mountains year-round. We service Crackenback, Jindabyne, Perisher and Thredbo, offering a variety of services including evening, part and full-time care here in our gorgeous region. Some of our carers have experience with children with Special Needs.

The cost of care will be dependent upon how many children require care. Our carers are able to care for a maximum of four children (no more than two children under two years old in the four). If you contact us, either by phone or using our form below with your details, we can provide you with our 2018 prices and our Family Information and Consent form (to be filled out with all the information we’ll need) for you to fill it out prior to care taking place. This allows us to prepare your carer accordingly.

Daytime Care

Daytime care is available from 7:00am and occurs in your place of accommodation.

Occasionally, our staff can care for your children out and about in the ski resorts if this better meets your needs (e.g. you are staying in Jindabyne but prefer your child/children nearby).

Babysitters will organise inside or outside activities, working with you to ensure your children have a great time whilst you are out on the slopes.

Evening Care

Evening care is available from 5:00pm onwards and takes place in your place of accommodation, allowing you to enjoy your dinner and the nightlife on offer.

We aim to help you feel calm about leaving your child/children with one of our experienced childcarers, assured that they are in good, nurturing and safe hands.

One carer is able to care for up to four children.

Multiple Day Care

If you are planning on using our service for multiple days, we will do our very best to ensure the same carer can cover your required days of care for ease, consistency and relationship building.

Our return guests are also treated to a preference of carer, wherever possible.


What are the costs associated with using Snowy Mountains Babysitting?
My baby will be very young when we require care. Are you able to provide care for babies under 6 months?
What will be children be doing when they are cared for?
What paperwork will we need to fill out before care occurs?
We aren’t staying in Perisher or Thredbo but would still like care in one of the resorts. What are our options?
What do we need to provide during care for our child/children?
When should we book?
What are the costs associated with using Snowy Mountains Babysitting?
Upon booking/enquiring online, the Snowy Mountains Babysitting website will calculate the cost of your care. Care for 2021 is $46 an hour for 1-2 children or $50 for 3-4 children, irrespective of whether it is daytime or evening care provided. Your booking will be confirmed upon receipt of payment and you will receive an email with your carer name and contact number. Prior to care taking place, you’ll also receive a carer ‘profile’ text with a photo and some information about them.
If you require an invoice for care, please contact the SMB Admin team at instead of booking through the website.
My baby will be very young when we require care. Are you able to provide care for babies under 6 months?

The youngest baby cared for by Snowy Mountains Babysitting has been 7 weeks old. We do require babies to be immunised if care is taking place under 6 months of age and we will work with you to ensure your teeny-tinies are cared for by someone suitably qualified/experienced and that you are comfortable with.

What will be children be doing when they are cared for?
We work with families to provide what parents/carers would like to occur during care, according to family preferences.
Families will need to provide their consent on our Family Information Form if children are to play or spend time outside of their accommodation, particularly in the Perisher and Thredbo resort areas.
What paperwork will we need to fill out before care occurs?

Families are asked to provide information during the booking process – we will ask for details of your accommodation, allergies, child routines, special toys, sleep and dietary requirements, as well as emergency contact details. This will allow our carers to be familiar with important information before meeting you, and allowing them to ask you any follow-up questions before you leave.

We aren’t staying in Perisher or Thredbo but would still like care in one of the resorts. What are our options?
Care can occur in the resorts, however, in our experience, care occurring in your place of accommodation is always a good idea wherever possible (Jindabyne or nearby). This affords carers the opportunity to work to a routine involving preferred sleep times and other preferences.
 If you have a child two years of age and under receiving care in Thredbo or Perisher, you will be required to bring a pram with you for the carer’s convenience regarding sleeping and moving around with your child.
Another option we can provide for families visiting Perisher is snow/outdoor play around Perisher and in the Toboggan area. Perisher has change facilities that are easily accessible and a microwave for food to be heated during care. We adhere to a strict 1:1 or 1:2 ratio (pending approval by the agency, based on age and special needs) for care of this type to occur. There are creeks around Perisher and safety is of course paramount.
What do we need to provide during care for our child/children?

Families will need to provide all food, drinks and other items required such as nappies and wipes. Carers are responsible for bringing their own meals and snacks.

When should we book?

SMB recommends care is booked as soon as possible for winter 2021, as the agency regularly books out and care cannot be guaranteed for bookings made during the season. If you have questions, you can either send a message through the website or directly to so we can help you with your requirements.

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Do you have questions? Please get in touch with us, we would love to hear how we can assist you during your family time in the Snowy Mountains. We are more than happy to provide personalised quotes and care options, depending on your requirements and preferences.

If you would like to apply to be one of our babysitters and you can provide two references, your current First Aid certification and your WWCC details, please fill in this form and we’ll be in touch soon.

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SMB Opinion Piece: Why Date Night is Essential… especially on your Snow Holiday!

Have you thought about date nights whilst away on family holidays?

Often, the answer is no… Even if date night is a regular thing for you back at home, it can be easily skipped when you’re away because your family is out of the usual routine.

Well, this is something that should definitely continue (or perhaps begin, if it is new to you!) whilst you are away from home, here in our beautiful Snowy Mountains.

As we all know, date nights are a great time for you and your partner to connect, relax and unwind without your little people to care for… you can actually have an interruption-free conversation from start to finish! This connection is obviously so important for your relationship and in turn for your family. Whilst your children may interrupt you mid-meal for assistance with a quick toilet trip or needing a nappy change, surely the waitstaff won’t!

Family time is essential whilst you are away, as it strengthens the bonds and relationships between you all. The fun you have and the memories you make will be remembered for many years. However, when the sun goes down after a great day on the mountain and the children are worn out, it can be the perfect opportunity for a little grown-up time. We would like to encourage you to make the most of what our area offers in terms of amazing food and nightlife and we are happy to make suggestions for venues if this is helpful for you.

So, with a little forward planning you really can have it all… the family time you and your children will love, as well as opportunities to celebrate the romance and excitement of grown-up evenings out together. I remember when I was a child, having a babysitter for the evening was exciting, a novelty that my siblings and I enjoyed very much.

Snowy Mountains Babysitting makes it easy and stress-free for you to organise quality care for your family. By getting in touch by email or through our website, we aim to connect you with the most suitable carer for your family out of our excellent pool of experienced and/or qualified carers. All carers have experience with children, first aid certifications, their references have been checked prior to beginning with our agency and some have formal childcare qualifications. With some staff in their third or fourth years working for the company and families that have re-booked each season since the company began, we have a proven track record in our area and the quality of our care is well-known.

We acknowledge every family has their own routines and rules/expectations, so each booking is personalised as much as possible to fit individual family requirements. We strive to keep parents relaxed and confident that their children will be cared for very well in their absence, whilst also celebrating the likelihood children will have a new friend for the evening!

Planning a holiday can leave you with a long to-do list, however, a quick email to us at or jumping onto our website to fill out a care enquiry is surely worth the effort!

We hope we can enable you to enjoy that lovely romantic candlelit dinner, or perhaps a beverage or two together by an open fire somewhere this season …

We look forward to hearing from you.